Dads, Leaders,

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Dads, Leaders & Father Figures

Creating Influence & Legacy For A Lifetime

A book for Dads, Leaders, and Father Figures who are looking to make a difference in the lives of those they serve as well as thrive in the professional and personal balance of time, decisions, focus, and more. Strategies, stories, and experiences from men who are striving to do their best through the ups and downs of life looking to create that influence and legacy for a lifetime.

This is a collaborative book written with three other school leaders whom I admire: Dr. Larry Dake (Binghamton, NY), Jeff Evener (Groton, NY), and Kevin Spainhour (Winston Salem, NC).

In this work, we share authentic experiences, stories, and more on our journey of fatherhood and leadership. We have invited a few guest writers to join us also. We are looking to help inspire men on their journey, find that balance of professional and personal time, and thrive while impacting others along the way, specifically our families. We hope to create a leadership retreat where fathers and leaders can come and share, grow, and learn from each other while molding their own form, and tweaking their own styles.


In Dads, Leaders, and Father Figures, Larry, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin masterfully weave together powerful stories of fatherhood and leadership as a roadmap for others on their own journey. There are successes and failures, goals reached, and hurdles along the way they share through the power of storytelling. Looking to strengthen yourself as a Dad, Leader, or Father Figure? This is the book for you.

- Jon Gordon

Best-Selling Author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter.

The book, Dads, Leaders, and Father Figures has many stories, anecdotes, and experiences that will resonate with the reader. The team of authors – Larry, Jeff, Andrew, and Kevin do a nice job in this collaborative work sharing many of their personal stories, as well as those of their own fathers and other leaders. The book challenges you to reflect and go deeper in your own journey as a Dad, Leader, and Father Figure. I hope you enjoy this storytelling book.

-Todd Whitaker

Edu Leader, Author & Dedicated Father & Husband

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The Authors

Dr. Larry Dake

Dr. Larry Dake

Dr. Larry Dake has served in leadership positions for over 12 years as a curriculum coordinator, principal, and assistant superintendent. He attended King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA...LEARN MORE

Jeffrey Evener Website Bio Pic

Jeffery Evener

Husband, Father, Education Leader, current Assistant Superintendent, Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, Even Leadership LLC...LEARN MORE

Andrew Marotta

Andrew Marotta is an energetic and enthusiastic leader who has put his positive imprint on his beloved Port Jervis HS, in Port Jervis, NY...LEARN MORE

Kevin Spainhour

Kevin Spainhour

Personal, positive, and purposeful are traits that encompass Kevin Spainhour’s leadership. As a twenty-plus year high school educator from North Carolina...LEARN MORE

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