Kevin Spainhour

Kevin Spainhour

Personal, positive, and purposeful are traits that encompass Kevin Spainhour’s leadership. As a twenty plus year high school educator from North Carolina, Kevin’s relational approach to leadership invigorates school culture, encourages student voice, and fosters intentionality. 

About Kevin

Kevin is currently serving as principal at a large, urban school with 2,400 students and nearly 160 employees. He was named district Principal of the Year in 2020 and is often called upon to mentor other school leaders.

Prior to school administration, Kevin spent thirteen years patrolling the high school sidelines as a men’s basketball coach twice being named Coach of the Year. Always a student, he’s been studying leadership practices since entering high school back in 1989 and being gifted Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Kevin draws upon his extensive readings and coaching experience to enhance his influence as both a school administrator and a father.

 As a father of four, Kevin continually learns to juggle the demands of professional and personal life leadership through trial and error. By leaning into failure, Kevin brings a unique, common sense perspective to raising well-balanced children in our often polarizing society. The father of two female college athletes along with two multisport high school boys, Kevin and his wife Laura stress the importance of creating a life of significance with their family rather than chasing culturally-defined success. 

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